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Results shown here are not typical. Individual results may vary

“43 years old Mom of 3 grown up kids, Amazing fat loss and fitness. (Tamil Language)”


Wellness World Padma Priya Transformation

“Before dull and pale skin, low energy. Now looks good and feels good, Has lost 21 Kgs. (results are not typical, individual results may vary)”

-Padma Priya

“Body Transformation - Weight Loss - 35 year old Working mom of a 9 year old”


Wellness World Shruthi  Transformation

“Lost 15.7 kilos in a healthy way, always skipped meals , was overweight with no physical activity or a active lifestyle. She learnt food management and now she is more fit, better and energetic (Results are not typical, Individual results may vary)”


Wellness World Prabhu Transformation

“BEFORE - Dance teacher with aches & pains, feeling very tired. NOW - Lost excess fat, In more active and healthy, improved skin tone (Results are not typical individual results may vary)”


“Senior Citizen, Ex Banker Weight Loss, Healthy & Happy now. (Konkani Language)”

-Ravishankar Mallya

Wellness World Ravi Transformation

“Before - Leading a sedentary life and could not exercise due to pains and aches. Now - Very active and strong & chiseled , reduced fat and improved muscles (Results are not typical individual results may vary)”


“Mom who tried weight loss & failed several times, Lost 20 kgs weight in 7 months (Telugu Language )”

-Jyothi Prakash


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