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“Body Transformation - Weight Loss - 35 year old Working mom of a 9 year old”


“Mom who tried weight loss & failed several times, Lost 20 kgs weight in 7 months (Telugu Language )”

-Jyothi Prakash

“Senior Citizen, Ex Banker Weight Loss, Healthy & Happy now. (Konkani Language)”

-Ravishankar Mallya

“43 years old Mom of 3 grown up kids, Amazing fat loss and fitness. (Tamil Language)”


“27 Kgs weight loss”

-Shruthi Halemane

“25 Kgs Weight Loss”


“30 Kgs Weight Loss”


“15 kgs to 27 kgs Weight Loss”

-Valsala, Nivetha, Kaivya, Akshatha, Pallavi


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